Who knew?

The Good Greatsby

My 8-year-old The Fonz is a perpetual source of non-sequiturs, interrupting conversation with sound bytes varying from the funny, “Why go to Mount Everest when you can see the top from Google Earth? It’s the same thing,” to the philosophically bizarre, “Did you know if your shadow was three-dimensional, it would open a black hole?”

The latter comment has kept me up late at night. Why would your shadow being three-dimensional open a black hole? And how would your shadow ever become three-dimensional? Where would he have heard that? Did he hear that from some older kids on the bus? Is this a scientific theorem he discovered for himself? He’s too young to be testing scientific theorems without adult supervision.

Lately he’s developed an arsenal of space facts to throw out at his leisure. I’ll be hovering over my computer, typing furiously, when he swings open the door and says:

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