Mark Armstrong Freelance Humorous Illustration for Marketing Communication Editorial and Social Media

I picked up a delicious new client recently: the St. Croix Chocolate Company in lovely Marine on St. Croix, Minnesota— yum, yum!

They host an event in October called Caramelpalooza: a community day that includes a ragtime pianist, miniature animals to pet, bounce houses, face painters, pumpkin carving, and an appearance by– you guessed it– CaramElvis. The big attractions, of course, are SCCC’s caramel sauces, bacon caramelcorn, and homemade caramel apples.

Owner and chocolatier Robyn Dochterman asked me to do a promotional piece for the event. Here’s the final:

humorous illustration for St. Croix Chocolate Company showing apples walking under big tank of caramel sauce, getting squirted and becoming happy caramel apples, promotional art for fall festival called Caramelpalooza

I like to experiment with different shading techniques when I do an illustration, especially when it comes to reflected light. And I often find myself wondering if certain colors should be darker or lighter. So I try to find non-destructive ways of tweaking things: applying changes on a new layer, while preserving my original color scheme on an underlying layer.

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