Arts, crafts and the hopeless

The Blurred Line

Arts and crafts.

Other people can do them, therefore, my reasoning deduced that I could too. I don’t know why after 36 years of glaring evidence to the contrary I believe this to be true.

Either I epitomise Einstein’s definition of insanity or I refuse to accept defeat. In short I am a slightly balmy, very stubborn ass.

In recent weeks I have:

  • Made two mosaic Go boards only to have a 6 and 8-year-old beat me stupid
  • Knitted a knobbly and slightly lopsided cover for my Samsung tablet
  • Knitted a fluffy scarf a petite blind dwarf may concede to wearing
  • Downloaded two guides on how to crochet
  • Bought one book and 3 magazines on the same (and knitting)
  • Watched hours and hours of YouTube how to videos to no avail

My beloved Grandmother knitted and crocheted like breathing. When all other faculties deserted her, she could still churn…

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