To Thine Own Self be Shoe.

Nice boots 🙂


This summer while chasing two toddlers from the onslaught of crashing waves lounging on the beach, my husband casually remarked how footprints in the sand are here one minute and gone the next. He wondered, naturally, if any of his footprints would ever stand the test of time. His musings had great potential for an intellectual conversation, but instead, we just made fun of him because that’s how we do things in my family. Plus, we’re still not sure if those thoughts came from the depths of his soul or his Corona bottle.

I’ve been having my own deep thoughts lately. About shoes. It’s been almost 5 years since I’ve purchased any “fun” shoes. (Fun shoes, N: footwear which serves the sole (get it?) purpose of looking good. Comfort and functionality are rarely considered when purchasing fun shoes.) In fact, the last pair of new shoes I…

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