My first part-time day – a musing

It’s here! After much deliberation, soul-searching and telling everyone I was thinking about it, I am finally, really really, part-time…

Today is the proof, as it’s Wednesday, I have not taken annual leave, and I am not due to go to work.

No, it still hasn’t sunk in properly.

Of course, part of the rationale (I am trying hard not to use the word justification) was so I could get myself organised – time to arrange appointments and sort out matters domestic without having to encroach into the weekend.

It was also so I could spend a bit more time on the new lingerie and card businesses.  In fact, there’s a networking lunch in Bristol today 🙂

And to provide good-weather weekdays for flying with friends who can’t fly at the weekend.

And to give me some thinking time to try to restore my sanity.

Of course, now the day itself has arrived, what I really feel like doing is going back to sleep and hibernating under my duvet all day. Would that hurt just the once? xxx





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