Photowalk 1st October 2012

Hmmm, some people seem to be better than me at getting organised x

A website called Trevor

All my lectures, seminars and practical/workshop sessions are taking place over three fulls days on campus, leaving Mondays and Wednesdays as study days. As the course progresses, I’m planning to spend at least one of those days on campus using the facilities and less prone to distraction, but yesterday I spent the day at home. And, yes, I did manage to engage myself pretty well and study for most of the day.

But one of the other things I need to be doing, lets face it, is getting out there and taking more photographs. So for a while in the afternoon, I went out for a walk. And I captured a few images. Some of which I liked, and some of which I didn’t. Most were typical of the sort of things I tend to capture:

A plant making an escape bid

No escape
A chained-up wheelchair

Kev the Rev
This caught my eye because…

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