Work, work, work…a musing

So it’s Monday again (and therefore this will be brief).

Time to get up, go to work, work for 8 hours or so and then come home again. As people who follow my tweets will have already observed, I’m not finding a great deal of joy at work at the moment.

Finding a different way to comfortably pay the bills is becoming more and more of a preoccupation.

I have also come to the realisation that even if I put my heart and soul into the job, I probably won’t end up running the place. I’m just not management material, I don’t play the politics game, mainly because whenever I’ve tried I get it spectacularly wrong. I unerringly align myself with the wrong people or interests in any organisation.

And (probably as a consequence) I find it very hard to put my heart and soul into the job. 10 plus years ago I didn’t question working 9,10 or more hours a day to get the job done and make sure all the deadlines were met. I didn’t necessarily like it but I assumed it was a given that it needed to be done.

Recently, I get to about 2 or 3pm and wonder when it’s time to go home.

There are still moments I enjoy, but the sum of the parts falls rather short of what one would hope for something which takes up such a large chunk of the waking week.

So, what are the options? The cards are beginning to take off, but it’ll be a while before that starts to generate a living wage. The lingerie isn’t yet in profit. Need to work on that one…

Or, do I set up in business on my own in a variant of the day job. Six months ago I laughed in amazement at the suggestion. Now I’m now so sure: it does seem to play to some of my strengths so it might just work, but do I have the courage?



2 thoughts on “Work, work, work…a musing

  1. We really must chat more about this. As you know I set up my business as a “variant of the day job” almost 10 years ago now (and it’s a real shock to just realise how long it’s been). I’d only suggest to anyone that they do it if they have a financial buffer for the first year. If you have, then go for it. If you haven’t, then maybe you should wait until you have

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