20 Things you didn’t know about me – Happy New Year!

I’ve been rather neglectful of this blog of late, for which I apologise. This is largely because I have been somewhat lacking in inspiration and (the usual excuse) there’ve been so many other things going on.

So, to address the inspiration point, I thought I’d write a list and see if that gets that part of my brain working a bit more fluidly again…so, 20 things you (probably*) didn’t know about me:

  1. my favourite colour is purple
  2. my favourite red wine is Gigondas  Image
  3. I’ve never smoked
  4. the first recipe I learned to make was macaroni cheese
  5. I prefer living plants to cut flowers
  6. I have an O’level in sewing (think it was really called Fashion & Textiles)
  7. My spare room has cupboards full of unfinished craft projects
  8. I’ve watched practically every episode of Babylon 5
  9. I cry at films but not the ones you’d expect
  10. I have hazel eyes
  11. I did a mensa test when I was 18 where I scored an IQ of 176
  12. I haven’t done the mensa tests again in case it was a fluke
  13. I have medals for ballroom and Latin American dancing
  14. I’ve done two bungee jumps (the first one was for a dare…)
  15. I can scuba dive
  16. I have a tendancy to become hooked on computer games (I don’t dare load Tetris onto my phone)
  17. I have two twitter accounts and three facebook profiles (oops, don’t tell anyone!)
  18. I currently own ten corsets and a selection of basques Image
  19. I have a maths degree (but I didn’t get a first)
  20. I’ve done a loop the loop in an aeroplane

* People who know me well and loyal readers of this blog may know around half of these…I’m hoping there are still one or two surprises though 🙂

With lots of fond wishes for 2013, may your dearest dreams come true x



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