Onward to 2013…a musing

Time passes whether we like it or not. Sometimes it feels as though a moment is so perfect, so magical that I would give anything to stop time just right there even if only for an hour or even a minute.


At other times, if only it was possible to go back, whether to recreate that special moment or to do something differently based on knowledge since gained.

And yet other times still, there is so much going on that it’s impossible to notice most of what’s going on that very minute. So much time passes by without anything particular to remark on, without anything to make it particularly special. A minute can drift into an hour, an hour into a day, and days into weeks and suddenly a whole year has disappeared in a rush of busy-ness.

Whilst we can’t do anything to go back in time or make time stand still, what we can do is make more of an effort to live in the moment, to notice what is happening right then and there and even if there’s nothing apparently special about that moment, to pay that bit more attention.

I spent years commuting in and out of London, usually with my head in a book or more recently tweeting, or talking to various neighbours who regularly did the same commute.  Every so often I had none of those distractions and would look out of the window and marvel at things I travelled past every day without seeing them.

Similarly walking around London I would most often be hurrying somewhere and focusing on getting to my destination (more or less) on time without really looking up at the buildings or listening to the vast variety of sounds around me.

So much time can pass that way, without seeing most of what is really there.

There have been some really special moments in 2012, with some wonderful people (I’m sure you know who you are) and I’m looking forward to more of the same in 2013.

So, my new year’s resolution is to make time and space to stop and pay attention to what’s around me, to use a well-tried and tested phrase, to live in the moment and try to appreciate every second of it 🙂



2 thoughts on “Onward to 2013…a musing

  1. As a commuter myself I like the sentiment Actuaria and will also endeavour to take in more of what is around me and make the most of it, thanks. Not sure what the Commodore, Sinclair and Atari have to do with it though? 😉

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