Getting it all in perspective

Just over a week ago, I was made redundant (well. they called it voluntary, but…).

Today, I got hit in the face by a ski lift.

Both of these things could’ve turned out a lot worse.  One of my first thoughts in each case  (albeit admittedly after sobbing my heart out after the latter) is that I’m really rather lucky.

Earlier today, as I skied down the remainder of the mountain after the incident I noticed I was skiing a lot more proficiently than I have been so far this holiday. I think it was mainly the fact that I didn’t have any mental energy left to worry about falling or getting stuck. Not to mention being extremely relieved that none of my teeth were knocked out and nothing worse had happened than a few bruises and a rather big dent to my pride.

And as for the redundancy…a few years ago it might’ve felt like the worse thing which could’ve happened, but fortunately it’s come at a time when I have a good local network, and lots of people supportive of the idea of me running my own business.

So there will be challenges, I’m sure there will be weeks/months where it feels as though I’m making no progress and the money is about to run out, but I feel ready for something new, and I really am able to see it as an opportunity rather than a blow.

Maybe it helps that I’ve been reading business self-help books cover to cover over the last week. And that I’ve been seeing a therapist for the better part of the last twelve months. But it does make me realise that there is something almost magical about a change in perspective or mindset, there are fundamentally different ways of viewing and even experiencing the same thing.

I think this will be a good thought to keep in mind as I embark on my new business – I almost said “new life” it does rather feel like that.  It’s over 20 years since I was last unemployed, almost half of my life so far has been spent working in the same line of work.

So on Monday morning, I will wake up at home, with the proverbial blank sheet of paper to fill with whatever hopes, dreams, plans and ambitions I can come up with.  Now that’s really quite a big thought to keep in perspective xxx

My main business website isn’t yet up and running. If you’re interested in one of my sidelines, you may wish to take a look at: (not when you’re at work, though!)


3 thoughts on “Getting it all in perspective

  1. Oh my, I do hope your ok! Good for you for having such a good attitude about things, I am sure there will be hard times and good times, but your strength and support will get you through.
    Wishing you the best.

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