R is for Right, I know my Robinsons

I love the Heath Robinson quote at the end 🙂

The Blurred Line

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My husband has jerry rigged a Bluetooth connection to his mobile in our ancient (pre-Bluetooth) Ford Fiesta.

“It’s very Heath Robinson,” he said.

I glared at him belligerently from my interrupted bubble bath.

“Who is Heath Robinson?” I asked timidly.

BearGryllsI thought maybe he was one of those Reality TV survivalists who are dropped off on desert islands with nothing more than a roll of duct tape.

Apparently, I was thinking of Bear Grylls, a name I remember by Bear Growls.

“Oh my God,” ejaculated Husband in disbelieving horror, “Don’t tell me you don’t know who Heath Robinson is?”

I pondered this feeling insecure and stupid.

friday_quote“Um, no. I know of Robinson Crusoe and Man Friday?”

“Ha!” he cried, “Well done. Exactly, Heath Robinson.”

“Um no,” I suggested, “It’s been a while since I read it, but as I remember Robinson Crusoe was not called Heath.”

“I shall…

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