Star Trek into Steampunk: Trek Daguerrotypes or Actual Time Travel?

This has got to be the post of the day…or possibly week 🙂

The Victorianachronists

Ultimately, this post is an excuse to celebrate Star Trek period, but thanks to some clever work by deviantArtist Rabittooth, we can do it Victorian-style. These images made the rounds of the Internet earlier this year but seeing as Katherine and I got to enjoy Star Trek Into Benedict Cumberbatch this weekend, it seemed more than appropriate to show them off again. The dear Captain above is dashing as always.

Logical that he’d be a scientist.

Bones, you always bring the sexual healing.


Uhura looks especially lovely, as always. Badass to the nth degree.

I now want a short 30 second movie of Chekov and Sulu attempting to ride these bikes. License to print money. You’re welcome, Paramount.

Just for kicks, here’s our Benny in a top hat. Because we can.

Did anyone get to enjoy Star Trek this…

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