Why would anyone want to fly within 100ft of a mountain with a 30 knot wind?

Makes perfect sense…as always 🙂

Ministry of Flying

Time and time again over my flying career I ask myself, “why would anyone do that”?

. In the 1970s a flying school in Aberdeen hired a Cessna 172 to an RAF Phantom Pilot so he could show his mother and father the type of low level flying he did around the hills and mountains of Scotland. Unfortunately he got a bit carried away and over enthusiastic and tried to fly towards rising ground which rose faster that the climb performance of the aircraft. He made a vain attempt to get over the peak but ended up splattering the a/c onto the side of the hill totally destroying it. Both he and his parents thankfully survived.  He made the following statement to the press which has always made me smile. when you read this consider that to get anywhere near  a Phantom squadron you need to be the best of…

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