A few thoughts on festival wear…a musing

I meant to write this a month or so ago…now that Glastonbury is upon us I feel as though I’ve slightly missed the boat, although (dare I say it?) other music festivals are available 😉

The initial prompt when I started thinking about this post was a stream of emails from fashion websites telling me what I could buy for my festival wardrobe.  The gold lame animal-print biker jacket & hot pants, for example, really did look gorgeous but didn’t strike me as particularly suitable for 3 or 4 days of wandering around outside, possibly in the mud, sitting on grass, hay bails or blankets, juggling food on too-small paper plates and drinks from the bottle or in plastic cups.

For what it’s worth, my usual packing recipe for festivals has evolved over the last five years or so into the following:

– a maxi dress or two; several vest tops and a long skirt

– fit flops & my most comfy wedges (but beware uneven ground or potholes unless there is a strong man beside you to hold onto)

– several vest tops

– yoga trousers (actually for doing yoga and possibly tai chi – yoga in a long skirt is not to be recommended)

– a pinafore-type dress, white shirt & leggings

– selection of pashminas, scarves & a warm wrap

– pyjamas

– lingerie (preferably bras with interesting straps in case they show)

– at least one underbust corset and a pair of fairy wings

The general idea is that the above can be mixed & matched depending on the activities in question – glammed up or down & theres even scope for fashioning a fancy dress outfit if need be.  Gothic fairy, anyone?  Wraps & pashminas are great for keeping the rain or sun off, and for making an outfit look “piraty” if the need arises.  (Maybe I don’t go to the same festivals as you do….)

As for accessories, my recipe is to wear one pair of smallish earrings & a necklace which goes with everything, together with lots of fake tattoos and/or body painting.

And for the practicalities:

– mascara, lipstick, lots of suncream, moisturiser etc and at least one can of dry shampoo

– toothbrush, toothpaste & lots and lots of baby wipes, arnica cream & an aloe healing gel or similar, lip salve

A short list, but it’ll pretty much get you through three or four days still looking pretty presentable.

So then all you need is your money, your phone, several spare phone batteries, and whatever catering supplies (including the odd wine box/bottle or two…) you choose to take with you.

So, what’ve I missed?  (Am taking tent, sleeping bags etc & a massive cool box as a given – one can always add some cushions and a reindeer-skin throw or two if that takes your mood) What are your festival essentials?

PS: I have been wondering if I should take a sodastream as well as a wine box instead of the usual bottles of fizz to create faux champagne ala Heston, now that it’s getting increasingly difficult to bring (smuggle) bottles of wine into festivals.  Also should really add my pink cowboy hat & sunglasses to that list xxx


2 thoughts on “A few thoughts on festival wear…a musing

  1. Fun post! But you forgot to mention wellies!

    I’d add wine box, wet wipes, something with wheels to carry all the of the things from the car to the site and something with a waterproof lining to sit on (picnic blanket, bin liner !, or a canvas folding chair). I get a bad back if I stand too long…

    LP x

  2. Hiya LP – Ah, I do occasionally take some ankle-boot wellies along but the fit flops are washable so they work for most things. I use baby wipes for everything so wet wipes not necessary 🙂

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