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A brief moment in time

Some relationships become important because of the passage of time. Many people rate their relationships that way. Other relationships are just important. It might be one meeting, or three, or five but it could be one of the most significant points in your life.

It’s easy to talk about quality not quantity but it’s not as easy to describe the real feelings and sensations behind that.

Sometimes just a brief moment in time can become one of the key points in your life. A look, a kiss, a touch.  Meeting a person and knowing they can see right into you, second guess your thoughts and feelings and anticipate your vulnerabilities and needs.

One of the images locked indelibly into my mind is of you looking directly into my eyes. How could I ever be anywhere else? How could I ever want to be anywhere else? How did it ever end?

But most things come to an end. Not always gracefully, not easily, but they do.  Some after only a handful of meetings. But that isn’t a reason to regret those moments, that valuable, life-changing connection.  It’s a reason to treasure them and the people who made them possible.

Thinking of a very special person this evening xxx



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