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Happy Beltane, everyone 🙂


More of a rant than a musing….right and wrong and the shades of purple* in between :-/

I can’t help wondering if some people have a really confused idea of right and wrong…

A minister has to resign his post for sending some rather tasteless photos whereas using photos without permission to assume a false identity is OK as long as it’s allegedly “in the public interest”?

I’ve never really understood why the private life and perceived morals of MP’s and other public figures is deemed of greater importance than their ability to do their jobs.  A vicar or priest of whatever persuasion is there to offer spiritual and moral guidance and so it seems logical that we should expect that within the bounds of being fallible humans, they endeavour to uphold at least the level of morality they ask of other people. (That said, I write this with an image in my head of the repentant Richard Chamberlain in Shogun which is, I admit, somewhat distracting…)

So logically, while it seems natural to expect and demand that those responsible for creating our laws do in fact also uphold the law, is it right to also demand that they live to a higher moral code than the rest of us?

I often feel I’m in a minority in thinking that I’d rather have ministers who are good at doing their jobs, even if they are occasionally incredibly naive and stupid in their private lives.

But what worries me more is that surely the matter of who governs us should be a democratic one – not at the whim of a few people who choose to go on a witch-hunt.  It seems extremely dangerous to allow newspapers or individual journalists to decide to target ministers of a particular political party, viewpoint or background with a view to embarrassing them into resigning.

Whilst we may not like or agree with those in power now or in the past, in some sense it was our votes (or lack of vote) which got them there – a small group of individuals or corporations shouldn’t be able to change that.

Rant over.  Your views would be most welcome xx

* Grey is so last year, Daahhling…. 😉

Just a few new year’s resolutions…

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while (and paying attention, I know, rather a big ask) you may recall that I’m not a fan of ‘giving things up’, it doesn’t seem like a terribly positive way to live one’s life.  I try to take something new up for lent each year, for example.

Now we have the start of 2014, a chance, possibly, to wipe the slate clean in some areas, to start afresh, make new plans, change bad habits.

With all this optimism and the appeal of instant betterment, the temptation to make lots of promises to myself that I’ll have forgotten before the end of January is still quite strong, but my first resolution is to resist that very temptation.

Instead of aiming for a shiny new me (possibly also thinner, fitter and perkier, more energetic and more successful) before the end of January, I am going to change (change, not give up) or start one thing each month in 2014: here are the first few, I want it to be a dynamic list, not a static one, so I plan to update/change as the year goes on.

So, here’s my attempt number 1:

January – organise myself: set aside time in my diary for trips to the gym, shopping, time with friends etc as well as work and make those appointments immoveable;

February – join a yoga class and attend without fail;

March – research and book an Easter holiday in the sun;

April – celebrate my birthday in style with the people I want to be with rather than conforming to family expectations/peer pressure;

May – join a dance class and attend without fail;

June – to be continued 🙂






2013 has been quite a year, roll on 2014 :-)

So, 2013 was the year I started my own business – after years of saying I could/would never do such a thing and about 6 months of telling people I was about to do it.

It’s been amazing.  Amazingly exhilarating while at the same time incredibly scary, heartwarming and eye-opening.

Having now tried it for all of 10 months, I would take my hat (and possibly a few other garments if you were to ask really nicely) off to anyone who manages to stay self-employed and solvent for any period of time.

Barring any great disasters, the business is now self-funding and even paying me some money when I have the nerve to draw some out…the number of people I have to thank for supporting me to this point is not quite endless but too long to keep your attention: it includes friends who have trustingly become my client (in some cases without actually asking for a “mates rates” discount on the fees), clients who have paid be early, my mum who offered me an investment of what she could afford which is my company’s emergency money, not to mention many, many people on twitter and other media who have offered kind words of encouragement, occasionally keeping me from total despair 🙂

In other news (to use that well-coined phrase for the last time in 2013) I got myself off the anti-depressants, injured myself skiing (thankfully not permanently – although I would not recommend getting one’s face in the way of a button lift), and became a Finance Director.  A bit of a mixed bag but I am rather liking the rollercoaster of endless opportunties tempered by (again) the blind panic when things just don’t seem to be going in the right direction.

Personally/romantically, things are as complex as ever – probably the subject of another blog…

In summary, am in a better place than this time last year…physically as am near the seaside and emotionally ever so slightly more well-balanced.  Thank you to everyone reading this – if you are one of those who deserves a big hug for your contribution to my 2013, hopefully you will realise and cash it in at the appropriate point in 2014 🙂