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Nakedness, confidence & moonwalking – a musing

As you may know, I did the London Moonwalk last weekend. As in, I walked around London in the night and early hours of the morning in a decorated bra with rather a lot of people – all for charidee, naturally….

I had hoped to walk with a very dear friend, who helped greatly with my training, but it wasn’t to be, so I walked on my own – give or take the other 15,000 people en route 😛

Before the walk, the party atmosphere was amazing, with great music, and lots going on including really rather a lot of women stripping off to wander around in their bras. Wow!

As the evening drew on, and when the walk commenced, I was really quite surprised that a reasonable number of people kept their jackets on over their bras and didn’t take them off even as they walked – it wasn’t the warmest of nights, but I can attest that the transparent ponchos were plenty warm enough to walk in.

Surely the whole point of the Moonwalk wasn’t simply to walk a long way at night, it was to show a certain pride in our bodies, whatever the size or shape? And to celebrate what and who we are.

Having been more concerned about how my body would cope with 26.2 miles of pavement walking (don’t forget the .2!) I was quite curious about what would stop someone from taking the simple, extra step of removing their jacket – especially as they had presumably signed up of their own free will, and then had outright discretion as to how modest an outfit their decorated bra became. Some people made excellent use of waistcoated styles, frills or fringing, after all.

But each to their own. And I suspect that in my 20’s I would have felt a lot more nervous at the prospect of wearing a bra on the streets of London, and those nerves wouldn’t have been contained to how well the beading and sparkly decorations would hold up after hours of walking the streets.

So, why no worries now? I’m certainly not in the best shape I’ve ever been – a weekly commute and ad-hoc living arrangements has temporarily put paid to my gym-going so there’s no honed 6-pack to show off. So I can only think it’s down to you lovely people as well as others who follow me on twitter.

I’m sure it helps that I’ve done a couple of ‘arty’ photo shoots (with & without corsets) and rather liked both the results and the reactions to the pics.

And the fact that over the last year or two I’ve had the priviledge of spending time with open minded, interesting, beautiful people of all shapes and sizes and a variety of ages, who radiate sex appeal.

And that I’ve been able to explore my own sexuality and get to understand my body better and to really appreciate what I’ve got rather than wishing I could be someone or something else.

Not to mention that, so often, at work and at play, I’m reminded that a lot of people are far more concerned about how they look or sound, they aren’t really looking at me anyway.  With one exception, as I’ve noticed in recent conversations when a number of my new colleagues got to the “oh, is that the walk you do in your bra – are you really going to do that?” they suddenly seemed to have difficulty averting their eyes…well, I did say I wanted to make an impact in my new job 😉

With all that in mind, I was certainly not going to cover up the decorations which took me several painstaking hours of sewing and sticking, then (in some cases) re-sticking. And the whoops of appreciation and cheering as we walked – with a particular mention for the beautiful men at Chelsea Fire station – definitely added some fun to the proceedings.

And of course, wonderbras do seem to be really rather flattering when all’s said and done…being able to walk tall, feathers ruffling in the wind and beads swishing as I walked, definitely took my mind off my aching feet quite a lot of the way round – not to mention having so many lovely breasts (oops!) costumes to distract me en route.

So girls, (and boys for that matter) please take the time to appreciate what you like about yourselves –  wear what makes you feel comfortable, sexy and confident. Then hold your head up high, forget about how you look, and just get on with having some fun…

Body image – a rant

I apologise in advance. This is going to be a bit of a rant. It was always going to end up on here sooner or later. A few things people have said in the last few days have got it on here rather sooner. I’m still wondering if this should have stayed in draft 😉

Why are so many women so negative about their bodies/weight/shape etc? Recently, several extremely attractive women have made negative comments in conversation about the way they look, or compared themselves unfavourably with how they feel they ought to look. And their comparisons and comments all because they feel they fall short of an ideal.  

Having mulled this over, I’ve realised that weight and body shape is really the only area of life where almost everyone compares themselves to the ideal and in fact uses that as their benchmark. It’s also the area where people feel judged most strongly by other people.

As far as I can see, most women (well the ones I know anyway) don’t constantly try to get their house or bank balance say to be as close as possible to some shared abstract “perfection”. They may want to improve either in some way, but it’s moving towards a personal goal, not towards how they think everyone else wants them to live. No one would argue that the perfect house for one person is the perfect house for someone else.

OK, maybe I’ve taken that analogie a little too far. I’m never terribly erudite when I’m ranting.  But how would it be if we all compared ourselves to a less exacting standard? Maybe we don’t have those long legs/flat stomach/perfect ankles/pert breasts/flawless complexion…. but maybe things could be a lot worse!

Anyhow, I’m off to the gym now, hoping to get a little fitter and maybe even a little more toned, but without any inclination to analyse how far away I am from looking like Elle Macpherson 😉

I think I will be back in a bit though to either improve or delete this – it sounded a lot better in my head earlier today than it does written down…